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What people are saying about Hitting Rock Middle

  • “In a society where women have been conditioned to feel they should come last, Sallie’s book offers unimaginable freedom to those who desire to put themselves first but don’t know how.”

    Carolyn Manno, TV Anchor

  • In Hitting Rock Middle, Sallie helps you find the bridge to joy.

    Richard Sheridan, CEO, Chief Storyteller, Menlo Innovations, Author of Joy, Inc: How We Built A Workplace People Love and Chief Joy Officer: How Great Leaders Elevate Human Energy and Eliminate Fear

  • This book provides readers with the insight to begin to see their careers (and lives) from a new perspective.

    Kate Fagan, New York Times Bestselling Author of What Made Maddie Run and Former ESPN Anchor

  • “An absolute must-read!”

    Busy Philipps, Actor & New York Times Bestselling Author of This Will Only Hurt a Little

  • “This book is for every person who has sought happiness from success, only to realize the formula is flipped.”

    Kathryn Budig, New York Times Bestselling Author of Aim True and Internationally Renowned Yoga Instructor

  • “In Hitting Rock Middle, Sallie not only tells her incredible story but also provides a path for each of us to thrive instead of just live.  That makes this book a must read!”

    Mike Lohner, Chairman of the Board, Stella & Dot Family of Brands


From the outside looking in, Sallie Holder seemed to have it all. A “Top Professional of the Year” before the age of thirty, she was living a six-figure, wildly “successful” lifestyle by society’s standards. But we all know looks can be deceiving. While smiling and confident on the exterior, Sallie had a secret: she was actually miserable living the life she’d chosen. Only she knew that success felt like a role she was playing, and that on the inside she felt like an imposter who simply wanted to be doing anything than what she was doing.

How in the world would she make a change at this stage of life? And what in the world would she do? If she made a change, what would everyone think? How could she reject society’s conventional definition of “success?”

Sallie’s journey to answering these questions for herself and others became her mission. While the process included both pain and joy, it has ultimately resulted in her achieving her greatest potential. Now she shares everything she’s learned to help people who feel just as unsatisfied and suspect they too are on the wrong path.

In Hitting Rock Middle, Sallie has created a step-by-step plan to help you start creating the path to your greatest potential – a place that includes true fulfillment and success. Through the journey this book will take you on, you will pinpoint who you are, what you want to do with your life, and how to get out of Rock Middle and into the big, bold, successful career that was waiting for you all along.

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Have Sallie Educate & Inspire Your Audience or Employees with One of These Topics

When Success Doesn't Feel Like Success

Ever checked all the boxes on the road to success, only to discover the destination wasn’t what you’d hoped? So, you’re asking, “Now what? Where do I go from here?” You’ve achieved a certain level of success, but the truth is…you feel miserable. All you want is to love what you do, but you just aren’t sure how get “there” without someone showing you the path. Through the “BE BOLDER” framework you will find your path.

Leading Your Team Out of Rock Middle

Ever wonder why, despite your best efforts, your team is always stuck in the same place? Are they always in a loop of excitement that fades & then leads to disappointment? These are common problems when your team has hit “Rock Middle.” It’s the place where complacency grows and no matter how many “pep talks” you give
you cannot seem to reenergize them about their roles.

Your Roadmap from Rock Middle to True Fulfillment

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to scale or someone in corporate America with a dream of starting your own company? Why haven’t you made the changes to create or scale your business in the way you desire? Are you stuck thinking you don’t know “how” to get started? Knowing “how” isn’t the problem – a lack of clarity is! It’s the lack of clarity that’s making you feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall. You waste time and energy trying out different methods, ideas, or even people, and tend to always find yourself back in the same spot.

The Secrets to Convincing Clients You're a Rockstar instead of stuck in Rock Middle

Are you feeling like it’s getting harder and harder to please your clients? Ever feel like their expectations are always rising? The truth is – they are! 59% of consumers have higher expectations of companies than they did a year ago. While clients’ higher expectations seem like the problem, they’re not the real problem. What if I told you the real problem is that everything we knew about client service is has changed? You might not be surprised because you’re doing all the usual things, but your clients aren’t raving about you.

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